adele shares her desire to become a mother again soon and discusses baby names with expectant fan

Adele is looking forward to becoming a mother in the near future. The Grammy-winning singer, known for her powerhouse vocals and heartfelt lyrics, opened up about her desire to start a family during a recent interview.

In the interview with Vanity Fair, Adele expressed her readiness for motherhood, stating that she is “definitely going to have a baby.” The 32-year-old artist has a son named Angelo, whom she shares with her ex-husband Simon Konecki, and she hopes to expand her family further.

Adele discussed her own upbringing and how it has influenced her desire to have children. Growing up as an only child, she explained that she is eager to give her son siblings and wants him to experience the bond of having brothers or sisters.

The singer also touched upon her personal growth and how it has affected her perspective on motherhood. She revealed that she used to be scared of having children due to her own issues with postpartum depression after giving birth to Angelo. However, she now feels more confident in her ability to handle the challenges that come with raising a child.

Adele’s journey towards motherhood has been reflected in her music. Her critically acclaimed album, “25,” explored themes of love, loss, and motherhood. The emotional depth of her songs resonated with fans worldwide, earning her multiple awards and record-breaking success.

While she hasn’t released new music since “25,” Adele assured fans that she is working on her next album. She expressed excitement about sharing her new material when the time is right.

In recent years, Adele has taken a step back from the public eye to focus on her personal life. She went through a divorce from Simon Konecki in 2019, and the two remain committed to co-parenting their son.

As Adele looks forward to the future, she shared her optimism for what’s to come. With her strong support system and newfound confidence, the singer is ready to embrace motherhood once again and create a loving family for her children.

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