annabel croft finds solace in strictly after loss of husband

Title: ‘There’s not a day I haven’t cried’: Annabel Croft hopes her stint on Strictly will soothe the pain she feels four months after losing her husband

Annabel Croft, the former tennis player turned TV presenter, has opened up about the emotional toll she has experienced since the tragic death of her husband, Mel Coleman. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Croft expressed her hope that participating in the popular dance competition show, Strictly Come Dancing, will help ease her pain.

Croft, 54, revealed that not a day goes by without shedding tears over the loss of her husband, who passed away four months ago. She described her husband as her “rock” and her “best friend,” emphasizing the profound impact his death has had on her life.

The tennis star-turned-presenter shared how she has found solace in her work, particularly during her recent presenting role at Wimbledon. Despite the emotional turmoil she was experiencing, Croft received praise for her professionalism and composure during the event. She credited the support of her colleagues and the viewers for helping her get through the challenging weeks.

Now, Croft is ready to embark on a new challenge by joining the cast of Strictly Come Dancing. She hopes that the intensive training and the joy of dancing will provide a much-needed distraction from her grief. Croft acknowledged that it will be tough, but she is determined to give it her all and embrace the opportunity to learn a new skill.

The former tennis player also expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support she has received from friends, family, and fans since her husband’s passing. She mentioned how their kind words and gestures have provided her with strength during this difficult time.

Croft’s decision to participate in Strictly Come Dancing comes as no surprise, given her previous experiences with dance. She has been involved in various dance-related projects, including co-hosting the BBC’s coverage of the European Figure Skating Championships.

As she prepares to step onto the Strictly dance floor, Croft is aware that it will be an emotional journey. However, she remains hopeful that the show’s positive atmosphere and the camaraderie among the contestants will help her heal and move forward.

In conclusion, Annabel Croft, who has been grieving the loss of her husband for the past four months, has expressed her desire to find solace in participating in Strictly Come Dancing. Despite her ongoing emotional pain, Croft hopes that the intensive training and the joy of dancing will provide a much-needed distraction and help her on her journey towards healing.

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