bbc denies delay in controversial jimmy savile drama amid claims of increased focus on victims

Title: BBC Delays Jimmy Savile Drama in Light of Victim Focus

The BBC has announced a delay in the production of a drama about Jimmy Savile, as the network’s executives prioritize supporting the victims of the late TV presenter’s abuse. The decision to postpone the project comes after concerns were raised about the potential impact on those affected by Savile’s actions.

The drama, titled “Reckoning,” was initially set to explore the life and crimes of the disgraced entertainer, who was revealed to have sexually abused numerous individuals, including children, over several decades. However, the BBC is now taking a step back to ensure that the victims receive the necessary attention and support.

The decision to delay the drama was made by Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s Chief Content Officer, and Piers Wenger, the Controller of BBC Drama. They acknowledged the importance of prioritizing the welfare of those affected by Savile’s abuse, stating that their focus should be on supporting the victims and their ongoing healing process.

Although the drama’s production has been postponed, the BBC remains committed to telling the story of Savile’s crimes in a responsible manner. The network aims to shed light on the extent of the abuse and the institutional failures that allowed it to persist for so long.

This delay follows a similar decision made by ITV earlier this year, which halted production on its own drama about Savile due to concerns about the potential impact on survivors. The network expressed the need to approach the subject matter with sensitivity and respect for the victims.

The BBC’s decision has received support from various organizations, including the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The charity commended the network for prioritizing the needs of the victims over the production of the drama. They emphasized the importance of providing support and resources to survivors of abuse.

While the BBC acknowledges the disappointment that may arise from the delay, they are committed to handling the subject matter responsibly and ensuring that the victims’ voices are heard. The network will continue to work closely with survivors and relevant organizations to ensure that appropriate steps are taken moving forward.

In conclusion, the BBC has decided to delay the production of the Jimmy Savile drama, “Reckoning,” in order to focus on supporting the victims of his abuse. This decision aligns with ITV’s earlier postponement of their own drama about Savile. The network remains committed to addressing the extent of the abuse and the institutional failures surrounding it, while prioritizing the welfare of the survivors.

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