brian austin green provides update on shannon doherty's cancer battle

Brian Austin Green Provides Update on Shannon Doherty’s Cancer Battle

In a recent interview, actor Brian Austin Green shared an update on his former “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star Shannon Doherty’s ongoing battle with cancer. Green revealed that Doherty is currently in good spirits and continuing her fight against the disease.

Doherty, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, has been open about her journey and has documented her experiences on social media. Green expressed admiration for her bravery and resilience, stating that she has always been a fighter.

Green also mentioned that he recently had the opportunity to catch up with Doherty and was pleased to see her doing well. He emphasized the importance of supporting her during this challenging time and sending positive thoughts her way.

The actor reflected on their time working together on “Beverly Hills, 90210,” describing it as a special bond that they shared. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside Doherty and praised her talent and dedication to her craft.

Green’s update comes after Doherty revealed in February that her cancer had returned and had progressed to stage four. Despite the setback, Doherty remains determined to stay positive and fight against the disease.

Throughout her battle, Doherty has been an inspiration to many, using her platform to raise awareness about cancer and encourage others to prioritize their health. She has been vocal about the importance of early detection and regular screenings.

Green’s update provides reassurance to fans who have been following Doherty’s journey and sends a message of support to the actress. As she continues her fight against cancer, Doherty’s strength and resilience continue to inspire those around her.

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