David Haye has reportedly entered into a throuple following his split from Sian Osborne. The former professional boxer, 40, is said to be in a relationship with both Sian Osborne and singer Una Healy, creating a unique dynamic between the trio.

Haye’s new relationship status comes after his recent separation from model Sian Osborne, whom he had been dating for two years. It appears that Haye wasted no time in finding love again, as he is now romantically involved with not just one, but two women.

One of Haye’s partners is reportedly Una Healy, a well-known Irish singer and member of the girl group The Saturdays. Healy, 39, was previously married to rugby player Ben Foden, with whom she shares two children. After her divorce, it seems she has found solace and happiness in this unconventional relationship with Haye and Osborne.

The concept of a throuple refers to a romantic relationship involving three individuals. This arrangement differs from traditional monogamy as it challenges societal norms and embraces the possibility of multiple partners. Throuples often prioritize open communication, trust, and consent as they navigate their complex relationships.

Haye, Osborne, and Healy have not publicly confirmed their throuple arrangement, keeping their personal lives relatively private. However, sources close to the trio claim that they are deeply committed to making their relationship work harmoniously.

This news has sparked curiosity and discussion among fans and the public, highlighting society’s evolving perspectives on relationships and alternative forms of love. As throuple relationships become more visible and accepted, it prompts conversations about the nature of love, commitment, and the boundaries of traditional partnerships.

David Haye’s decision to embark on a relationship with Sian Osborne and Una Healy showcases his willingness to explore non-traditional relationship dynamics. In a world where love comes in many different forms, their choice to engage in a throuple arrangement challenges the status quo and encourages a broader acceptance of diverse relationships.

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