davina mccall spills secrets to achieving her fit body at 55 - hard work and air freshener required!

Davina McCall, the popular British television presenter and fitness enthusiast, has opened up about the efforts required to maintain a fit and healthy body at the age of 55. McCall, known for her hosting roles on shows like “Big Brother” and “The Masked Singer,” admitted that it takes a lot of work to stay in shape and joked that she needs plenty of air freshener to keep smelling good during her intense workout sessions.

In an interview with Women’s Health magazine, McCall revealed that she follows a strict exercise routine to stay fit. She starts her day with a 7 am workout, which includes a combination of cardio and strength training exercises. The TV personality also emphasized the importance of staying active throughout the day, whether it’s walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

McCall acknowledged that as she gets older, it becomes more challenging to maintain her physique. She explained that she has to work harder and be more disciplined with her diet and exercise regimen. She also highlighted the significance of incorporating rest days into her routine to allow her body to recover.

In addition to her exercise routine, McCall emphasized the importance of eating a balanced diet. She revealed that she follows a high-protein, low-carb diet and tries to avoid processed foods. However, she also believes in indulging occasionally and enjoying a treat without feeling guilty.

The television presenter also spoke about the mental health benefits of exercise. She shared that working out helps her manage stress and boosts her mood. McCall encouraged others to find an exercise routine that they enjoy and stick to it, as consistency is key to achieving fitness goals.

Despite her dedication to fitness, McCall admitted that she still has areas of her body that she’s not entirely happy with. She mentioned her arms and stomach as areas that require extra attention. However, she remains positive and determined to continue working on improving her physique.

In conclusion, Davina McCall has given insight into the efforts she puts into maintaining a fit body at the age of 55. Through a combination of regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a positive mindset, she strives to stay in shape and manage her overall well-being.

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