doja cat passionately defends herself against critics, emphasizing her respect for fellow rapper cardi b and clarifying her stance on dissing other artists, following the alteration of her scarlet album cover.

Doja Cat Responds to Critics and Defends Her Respect for Other Rappers Like Cardi B and Alters “Scarlet” Album Cover

Doja Cat, the American rapper and singer, recently took to social media to address criticism and defend herself against claims that she disses other rappers. In a series of tweets, she called out her critics as “phonies” and explained that she has nothing but respect for artists like Cardi B.

The controversy began when Doja Cat released the cover art for her upcoming album, “Scarlet.” Some fans noticed that the original artwork featured a cartoon version of Doja Cat with lighter skin tone and altered facial features. This led to accusations of colorism and self-hate, prompting backlash from fans and critics alike.

In response, Doja Cat defended her decision to alter the album cover, stating that it was simply a creative choice and not meant to convey any negative message. She emphasized that she loves her natural skin tone and would never promote self-hate or colorism. The altered artwork was intended to represent a different character within the album’s theme.

Furthermore, Doja Cat addressed the accusations of dissing other rappers. She clarified that she has never disrespected any fellow artists and holds them in high regard. Specifically, she mentioned her admiration for Cardi B, highlighting that she respects her as an artist and appreciates her contributions to the music industry.

Doja Cat expressed her frustration with the constant criticism and urged her fans to focus on positivity instead. She emphasized the importance of supporting one another and celebrating diversity within the music community. Despite the backlash, she remains confident in her artistic choices and is excited for her fans to hear her new album.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Doja Cat’s fans and critics are eagerly awaiting the release of “Scarlet” to see how her music and visuals come together. The album is set to drop in the near future, and it promises to showcase Doja Cat’s unique style and creativity.

In conclusion, Doja Cat has responded to criticism regarding the altered album cover for “Scarlet” and addressed accusations of dissing other rappers. She has defended her creative choices, emphasizing that they were not intended to promote self-hate or colorism. Doja Cat also expressed her respect for artists like Cardi B and called on her fans to focus on positivity and support within the music community. The release of “Scarlet” is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see what Doja Cat has in store.

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