former baywatch star's ex-wife loni willison, 40, seen with bruised eye and smoking on the streets of la

Former Baywatch star’s ex-wife, Loni Willison, 40, was recently spotted homeless on the streets of Los Angeles, sporting a bruised eye and smoking. The former model, who was married to Jeremy Jackson, known for his role as Hobie Buchannon in the hit TV show Baywatch, has been struggling with homelessness for several years.

Willison was seen pushing a shopping cart filled with her belongings while wearing a tattered black hoodie and ripped jeans. Her face appeared worn and she had a visible bruise around her eye. Despite her circumstances, she was seen smoking cigarettes as she wandered the streets.

The former model, who once graced the pages of magazines, has fallen on hard times. Reports suggest that she has been living on the streets for at least two years. She was last seen in public back in 2018 when she was photographed rummaging through trash cans.

Willison’s life took a downturn after her divorce from Jackson in 2014. The couple had been married for nearly a decade before their split. Since then, Willison has struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse. She has reportedly refused help from friends and family who have tried to intervene.

Friends and acquaintances of Willison have expressed concern for her well-being, stating that they have tried to reach out to her but have been unsuccessful. They believe that she is suffering from a combination of mental health issues and drug addiction, which has led to her current situation.

Despite her struggles, Willison still retains some hope. In an interview back in 2016, she expressed her desire to get back on her feet and rebuild her life. However, it appears that she has not been able to overcome the challenges she faces.

The sad state of affairs for Willison serves as a reminder of the harsh realities faced by many individuals experiencing homelessness. It highlights the need for increased support and resources to help those in similar situations.

As the former Baywatch star’s ex-wife continues to roam the streets of Los Angeles, her story serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and fragility of life.

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