kate moss and count nikolai von bismarck's split rumors escalate as supermodel skips vogue world post-show event while he parties with rita ora

Title: Kate Moss and Count Nikolai von Bismarck Fuel Split Rumours as Supermodel Snubs Vogue World Post-Bash Parties with Rita Ora

Supermodel Kate Moss and her partner, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, have sparked rumors of a potential split as Moss decided to skip the Vogue World post-bash parties. The renowned supermodel was noticeably absent from the star-studded events, which included appearances by singer Rita Ora.

The couple’s absence from the high-profile celebrations has led to speculation about the state of their relationship. Moss’ decision to snub the Vogue World parties comes after reports of tension between her and von Bismarck surfaced.

The parties, held in London, were organized to celebrate the launch of Vogue World, a new digital platform by British Vogue. Numerous celebrities, including Ora, attended the exclusive gatherings.

Moss, 47, and von Bismarck, 34, have been together for over six years. However, recent reports suggest that their relationship may be on the rocks. Moss’ absence from the Vogue World parties has only fueled these rumors further.

The supermodel, known for her iconic career in the fashion industry, has been a regular attendee at high-profile events. Her decision to skip the Vogue World parties has surprised many, given her close association with the fashion world.

Meanwhile, von Bismarck, a German aristocrat and photographer, has also been absent from recent public events. The couple’s low-key approach to their relationship has often kept them out of the media spotlight. However, their absence from the Vogue World parties has brought their relationship under scrutiny.

Moss and von Bismarck have faced various challenges throughout their relationship, including Moss’ well-documented struggles with substance abuse. Despite these hurdles, the couple has managed to maintain their bond.

As of now, neither Moss nor von Bismarck has commented on the rumors surrounding their relationship or the reason behind Moss’ absence from the Vogue World parties. Fans and the media will be eagerly awaiting any updates to shed light on the status of their romance.

In the world of fashion, where appearances can often be deceiving, the absence of Kate Moss and Count Nikolai von Bismarck from the Vogue World post-bash parties has left many wondering about the future of their relationship.

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