kelly ripa's absence from robin roberts' wedding not due to ex co-host michael strahan

Kelly Ripa Denies Skipping Robin Roberts’ Wedding to Avoid Ex-Co-Host Michael Strahan

In response to recent rumors, Kelly Ripa has denied skipping Robin Roberts’ wedding to avoid her former co-host Michael Strahan. The speculation began after Ripa was absent from Roberts’ nuptials, leading to speculation about a potential rift between the two.

Ripa, who co-hosted “Live with Kelly and Michael” alongside Strahan from 2012 to 2016, took to social media to address the rumors. In a post on Instagram, she shared a photo of herself and Roberts, expressing her joy for the newlywed couple. Ripa emphasized that her absence from the wedding was due to a prior commitment and not because of any ill feelings towards Strahan.

The rumors gained traction after Roberts tied the knot with her longtime partner Amber Laign in a small ceremony at their home in December 2021. Ripa’s absence from the wedding sparked speculation that she intentionally skipped the event to avoid an uncomfortable encounter with Strahan, who left “Live with Kelly and Michael” in 2016 to join “Good Morning America.”

However, Ripa’s Instagram post aimed to set the record straight. She stated that she had already committed to attending another event before Roberts announced her wedding date. Ripa expressed her happiness for Roberts and Laign, calling them “beautiful souls” and wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Ripa and Roberts have been close friends for many years, with Ripa even filling in as a guest host on “Good Morning America” during Roberts’ medical leave in 2012. Their friendship has remained strong despite any professional changes or challenges they have faced.

The rumors surrounding Ripa’s absence from Roberts’ wedding highlight the ongoing interest in the personal lives of celebrities and the tendency to speculate about potential conflicts. However, Ripa’s clarification serves as a reminder to not jump to conclusions without all the facts.

In conclusion, Kelly Ripa has denied skipping Robin Roberts’ wedding to avoid Michael Strahan and clarified that her absence was due to a prior commitment. Ripa expressed her happiness for the couple and emphasized her strong friendship with Roberts. The rumors surrounding this event highlight the public’s fascination with celebrity relationships but also serve as a reminder to not make assumptions without accurate information.

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