molly-mae hague defends herself against mum-shamers, denies neglecting baby bambi

Molly-Mae Hague Hits Back at Mum Shamers and Insists She Isn’t Neglecting Baby Bambi

Molly-Mae Hague, known for her appearance on the reality show “Love Island,” has responded to critics who accused her of neglecting her new puppy, Bambi. The social media influencer took to Instagram to defend herself against the claims.

Hague recently shared a photo of herself alongside her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, on a shopping trip. In the image, she can be seen carrying a bag from a luxury department store while her puppy is being held by Fury. This prompted some followers to criticize Hague, claiming that she was neglecting her responsibilities as a pet owner.

In response, Hague posted a series of videos on her Instagram Stories, addressing the accusations. She explained that she had only carried the shopping bag momentarily and that she had been taking care of Bambi throughout the day. Hague assured her followers that she would never neglect her puppy and that she loves him dearly.

The reality TV star also mentioned that she had received numerous messages from concerned fans who thought she was mistreating Bambi. Hague expressed her frustration with the negative comments, stating that she would never put her dog’s well-being at risk.

Additionally, Hague shared a video of Bambi happily playing in her apartment, further emphasizing that she provides a loving and caring environment for her pet. She urged her followers to focus on the positive aspects of her content instead of spreading negativity.

This is not the first time Hague has faced criticism regarding her pet ownership. Last year, she was accused of buying a designer puppy, Mr. Chai, who tragically passed away just days after she received him. The incident sparked a discussion about the responsibility of celebrities when it comes to promoting ethical pet ownership.

Hague has since adopted Bambi, another Pomeranian, and has been sharing updates about him on her social media accounts. She has expressed her love for the breed and her dedication to providing them with the best care possible.

While some followers continue to criticize Hague’s actions, many others have shown support and defended her against the mum shamers. They argue that it is unfair to judge someone based on a single photo or video without considering the full context of their actions.

As a public figure, Hague is no stranger to scrutiny and criticism. However, she remains adamant about her commitment to being a responsible pet owner and ensuring the well-being of her beloved puppy, Bambi.

Photo by Robson Claudino on Pexels.

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