molly-mae hague makes a statement exiting naomi campbell's plt show in nyc for brand's groundbreaking collaboration following resignation from £5million-a-year creative director position

Title: Molly-Mae Hague becomes the new face of Pretty Little Thing, following in the footsteps of Naomi Campbell

Molly-Mae Hague, a popular social media influencer and former Love Island contestant, has been announced as the latest face of fashion brand Pretty Little Thing. She is set to follow in the footsteps of supermodel Naomi Campbell, who also collaborated with the brand.

The 21-year-old reality TV star took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her 5.1 million followers. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and mentioned how she had always dreamed of working with Pretty Little Thing. Hague also revealed that the campaign was shot in Dubai, showcasing stunning images where she is seen wearing various stylish outfits.

Pretty Little Thing is known for its trendy and affordable clothing, targeting young women. The brand has previously collaborated with other high-profile celebrities, including Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Bieber.

Hague’s collaboration with Pretty Little Thing comes after her successful stint on the popular reality show Love Island in 2019, where she finished as a runner-up alongside her boyfriend, Tommy Fury. Since then, she has amassed a large following on social media platforms, becoming a prominent influencer.

The announcement of Hague’s partnership with Pretty Little Thing has garnered significant attention and praise from fans and followers. Many have expressed their excitement and admiration for her achievements at such a young age.

This collaboration also marks an important milestone for Pretty Little Thing, as they continue to expand their celebrity partnerships and reach a wider audience. With Molly-Mae Hague now joining the brand, it is expected to further strengthen their position in the fashion industry.

It is worth noting that Pretty Little Thing’s previous collaboration with supermodel Naomi Campbell was highly successful. Campbell, an iconic figure in the fashion world, brought her unique style and influence to the brand, attracting a global audience.

Overall, Molly-Mae Hague’s collaboration with Pretty Little Thing is set to be an exciting venture for both the brand and the influencer. With her strong social media presence and fashion-forward image, Hague is expected to bring a fresh and youthful energy to the brand, appealing to their target audience of young women.

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