molly-mae hague showcases her toned figure in a crop top during new york work trip while opening up about separation anxiety from baby bambi

Molly-Mae Hague Reveals Trim Waist in Crop Top During New York Work Trip While Sharing Anxiety Over Being Separated from Baby Bambi

Molly-Mae Hague, the reality TV star, was seen flaunting her toned waist in a crop top during her work trip to New York. However, she also opened up about her feelings of anxiety and worry over being separated from her beloved pet dog, Bambi.

The 22-year-old influencer, who gained fame through the popular show “Love Island,” was spotted in the Big Apple, looking stylish and confident as she stepped out in a black crop top that showcased her well-toned physique. She paired the top with high-waisted jeans and accessorized with gold jewelry, including a necklace and hoop earrings.

Despite her glamorous appearance, Molly-Mae couldn’t help but express her concerns about leaving her furry friend behind. Bambi, her Pomeranian puppy, has become a beloved member of her family since she and her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, adopted him last year.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Molly-Mae shared her anxiety over being separated from Bambi for the first time. She explained how she felt a mix of excitement for her work trip and worry about leaving her pet behind. The star admitted that she had been feeling emotional and even shed a few tears before her departure.

In an attempt to ease her worries, Molly-Mae revealed that Bambi would be staying with her mother while she was away. She expressed her trust in her mom’s ability to take care of the dog and assured her followers that she would be updated regularly on his well-being.

The TV personality also shared a heartwarming video of herself cuddling Bambi before her departure, emphasizing how much she would miss him. She captioned the post with a heartfelt message, saying that she loved him more than words could describe and promised to be back soon.

Molly-Mae’s fans were quick to show their support and understanding, sending her messages of encouragement and assuring her that Bambi would be well taken care of. Many shared their own experiences of being separated from their pets and empathized with her feelings.

Despite her worries about leaving Bambi, Molly-Mae seemed determined to make the most of her work trip. She later posted pictures of herself enjoying the sights and sounds of New York City, including a visit to Times Square.

The reality star’s trip to New York comes after she recently announced her new role as the creative director of a popular fashion brand. With her successful career in the spotlight, it is clear that Molly-Mae is making strides in the fashion industry while also managing the challenges of being away from her beloved pet.

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