pia whitesell flaunts $3,550 celine bag while arriving at sydney airport with husband patrick and sons isaiah and lennox

Pia Whitesell, the wife of Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell, has announced that she and her husband will be leaving Australia. The couple, who have been residing in Sydney for the past few months, are reportedly returning to the United States.

Pia, a former model and television presenter, revealed their decision during an interview with The Daily Telegraph. She expressed her excitement about going back to Los Angeles, where they have a home and where Patrick’s talent agency, WME, is based. Pia also mentioned that their children are looking forward to reuniting with their friends in the US.

The Whitesells’ move to Australia was initially intended to be a temporary one. They relocated there last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and spent most of their time in Sydney. Pia shared that they had a wonderful experience in Australia and appreciated the country’s handling of the health crisis.

During their stay, the couple became involved in the local entertainment industry. Pia joined the judging panel of Australia’s Got Talent, and Patrick attended various business meetings. They also enjoyed spending time with friends and exploring the beautiful Australian landscape.

Pia and Patrick’s departure from Australia comes as restrictions ease and travel resumes between countries. With the situation improving, they have decided it is the right time to return to their home in the US.

The Whitesells have been married since 2005 and have two children together. They are known for their high-profile connections in the entertainment industry. Patrick, as the CEO of WME, represents numerous A-list celebrities, including Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, and Ben Affleck.

As Pia and Patrick prepare to leave Australia, they express gratitude for the warm welcome they received during their time there. They are eager to reunite with their loved ones and resume their professional endeavors in Los Angeles.

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