rare omega watch run over by lawnmower leaves antiques roadshow guest stunned with 'ridiculous' value

Antiques Roadshow Guest Left Stunned by Ridiculous Value of Rare Omega Watch Run Over by Lawnmower

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left in disbelief after discovering the astronomical value of a rare Omega watch that had been accidentally run over by a lawnmower. The surprising revelation took place during filming for the popular BBC show’s latest series.

The guest, who had brought the damaged timepiece to be appraised, was initially unsure about the watch’s potential worth. However, expert John Benjamin quickly identified it as a rare and valuable vintage Omega Speedmaster model.

According to Benjamin, the watch was a “pre-Moon” Speedmaster, meaning it was produced before the famous Moon landing in 1969. He explained that these early models are highly sought after by collectors and can fetch significant sums at auction.

Despite its unfortunate encounter with a lawnmower, the watch was still considered to be in good condition overall. Benjamin estimated its value to be between £20,000 and £25,000 ($27,000 and $34,000), which left the guest visibly stunned.

The guest revealed that he had inherited the watch from his late father, who had worked for the British Royal Air Force. He recalled how his father had worn the watch while serving in the RAF during the 1960s.

The Omega Speedmaster has a rich history and is famously known as the first watch worn on the moon. It gained worldwide recognition when astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore it during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

The Antiques Roadshow episode featuring this incredible find is set to air later this year. The guest’s reaction to the watch’s astonishing value is sure to captivate viewers, as well as highlight the enduring appeal and significance of vintage timepieces.

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