ruth langsford opens up about her health after brief break from itv's loose women

Ruth Langsford, the popular television presenter and co-host of the show “This Morning,” has shared an important health update with her fans. The 61-year-old presenter took to social media to inform her followers about her ongoing battle with a painful injury.

Langsford revealed that she had been suffering from a dislocated finger for a few weeks. In an Instagram post, she shared a picture of her swollen and bandaged finger, explaining that the injury occurred during a workout session.

The presenter expressed her frustration over the slow healing process, stating that her finger was still causing her significant pain. She also mentioned that she had been undergoing physiotherapy to aid in the recovery.

Despite the discomfort, Langsford assured her fans that she was doing everything she could to get better. She thanked them for their well wishes and support, which she found incredibly uplifting during this challenging time.

Fans flooded the comments section with messages of sympathy and encouragement. Many shared their own experiences with similar injuries, offering advice and suggestions for a speedy recovery.

Langsford’s husband and fellow television presenter, Eamonn Holmes, also took to social media to express his concern and support for his wife. He posted a picture of the couple together, with a caption expressing his love and admiration for Langsford’s strength and resilience.

The injury comes at a busy time for Langsford, who is currently preparing to compete in the upcoming season of the popular reality show “Strictly Come Dancing.” Despite the setback, she remains determined to give her best performance on the show.

Langsford’s fans have shown unwavering support for her throughout her career, and this latest injury is no exception. They continue to rally behind her, sending their well wishes and hoping for a swift recovery.

As Langsford focuses on her rehabilitation, her fans eagerly await updates on her progress. They remain hopeful that she will make a full recovery in time for her appearance on “Strictly Come Dancing,” where she is sure to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma.

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