ryan phillippe celebrates longest sober streak since teen years, free from nicotine and marijuana

Ryan Phillippe Celebrates Sobriety by Stating It’s the Longest He’s Gone Without Nicotine and Marijuana Since His Teenager Years

Ryan Phillippe, the American actor known for his roles in films such as “Cruel Intentions” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” recently celebrated a significant milestone in his life. The 46-year-old star took to social media to share that he has achieved sobriety, marking the longest period he has gone without nicotine and marijuana since his teenage years.

Phillippe, who has been open about his struggles with substance abuse in the past, shared the news with his followers on Instagram. In a heartfelt post, he expressed his gratitude for reaching this milestone and acknowledged the challenges he has faced along the way.

The actor captioned a black-and-white photo of himself, saying, “now, I’ve gone a full year without cigarettes or marijuana.” He went on to add, “I quit because I thought it was time. I started smoking cigarettes at 14, and smoked weed pretty much every day of my life since.”

Phillippe also reflected on the impact his decision to quit has had on his overall well-being. He noted that he feels healthier and more in control of his life now. The actor further emphasized the importance of setting goals and making positive changes, encouraging others to do the same.

The actor’s post attracted an outpouring of support from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Many commended him for his determination and strength in overcoming addiction. Some even shared their own experiences with substance abuse and expressed gratitude for his openness about the topic.

Phillippe’s journey towards sobriety has been a personal one, but he has not shied away from discussing it publicly. In previous interviews, he has spoken about the impact addiction had on his life and relationships. The actor has credited therapy and the support of loved ones for helping him on his path to recovery.

As an advocate for mental health awareness, Phillippe has used his platform to raise awareness about addiction and the importance of seeking help. He hopes that by sharing his story, he can inspire others who may be struggling with similar issues to seek the support they need.

In addition to his personal achievements, Phillippe continues to pursue his acting career. He recently starred in the television series “Big Sky” and has several upcoming projects in the works.

Overall, Ryan Phillippe’s celebration of sobriety serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength it takes to overcome addiction. His honesty and openness about his journey have undoubtedly inspired many, proving that change is possible with determination and support.

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