would you trust a doctor without traditional medical school training?

Would You Trust a Doctor Without Traditional Medical School Training?

In an effort to tackle the shortage of doctors in the NHS and ensure a sustainable future workforce, a new apprentice scheme has been introduced. This initiative is part of a comprehensive set of measures aimed at addressing the pressing issue and ensuring the availability of medical professionals in the healthcare system.

survey shows decreased worries over new covid variants compared to omicron

Survey Shows Decreased Worries Over New COVID Variants Compared to Omicron

The issue of vaccine uptake among political parties continues to be a concern, with Democrats showing higher rates of vaccination compared to Republicans. Despite the availability of vaccines, there remains a noticeable partisan divide in the adoption of these crucial medical interventions.

doctors call for end to hiring lower-ranking medics and transparency in patient care

Doctors Call for End to Hiring Lower-Ranking Medics and Transparency in Patient Care

The Government is aiming to enhance the role of associates in the NHS, despite them not attending medical school. Associates undergo two years of post-graduate training after obtaining a degree. This move seeks to expand their involvement in the healthcare system.

inspiring women guide breast cancer patients on life after mastectomy

Inspiring Women Guide Breast Cancer Patients on Life After Mastectomy

Women facing a mastectomy can now find reassurance and inspiration at breast reconstruction awareness meetings held at Broomfield Hospital in Essex. These meetings offer an invaluable opportunity for women to explore various types of reconstruction by examining real-life results in other women. With the aim of raising awareness and providing support, these gatherings empower women to make informed decisions about their own journey towards breast reconstruction.

disposable vapes face ban to curb child addiction

Disposable Vapes Face Ban to Curb Child Addiction

In a move following in the footsteps of Australia and New Zealand, several countries are set to unveil proposals to clamp down on the use of e-cigarettes. These measures, which could be announced as early as next week, aim to address growing concerns surrounding the popularity and potential health risks associated with these electronic smoking devices. Stay tuned for more updates on this global effort to regulate e-cigarette usage.

are spicy food challenges going too far?

Are spicy food challenges going too far?

The tragic death of a teenager from Massachusetts has brought renewed focus on the allure and dangers of viral challenges. The incident occurred after the teen participated in the infamous “One Chip Challenge,” shedding light on the growing popularity of these online dares. This unfortunate event serves as a reminder that these seemingly harmless stunts can have serious consequences.

scientists recommend joining book clubs or gardening to prevent depression in later life

Scientists Recommend Joining Book Clubs or Gardening to Prevent Depression in Later Life

According to researchers from University College London, engaging in a hobby can bring immense joy and a sense of purpose to one’s life. Additionally, improving skills in a particular area can make older individuals feel more empowered and fulfilled overall.

dentist’s anger: nhs dental crisis leaves patient undiagnosed with oral cancer for years – warning signs shared

Dentist’s Anger: NHS Dental Crisis Leaves Patient Undiagnosed with Oral Cancer for Years – Warning Signs Shared

In a recent development, Dr. Emi Mawson, a dentist based in Cornwall, shared a remarkable story about one of her patients. Despite facing challenges in securing an appointment, the patient was able to see Dr. Mawson last month. During the visit, the astute dentist detected signs of oral cancer, underscoring the importance of regular dental check-ups in detecting potentially serious health issues.

new puzzles app in england detects early dementia signs, alerts gp

New Puzzles App in England Detects Early Dementia Signs, Alerts GP

Researchers from the University of Exeter have recently unveiled a series of innovative puzzles aimed at assessing various cognitive abilities. These thought-provoking challenges have been meticulously crafted to evaluate short and long-term memory, reaction time, attention, and reasoning skills. The puzzles are set to be incorporated into a comprehensive study, allowing experts to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of human cognition.

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