anthony joshua supports ronaldo over messi in boxing match, hopes for misfits showdown

Boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has expressed his support for Cristiano Ronaldo in a hypothetical fight against Lionel Messi. In an interview with JD Sports, Joshua revealed that he would love to see the two football rivals square off in the boxing ring.

Joshua, who is a fan of both Ronaldo and Messi, believes that Ronaldo’s physical attributes would give him the edge in a boxing match. He praised Ronaldo’s dedication to training and his incredible athleticism, which Joshua believes would make him a formidable opponent.

The British boxer also acknowledged Messi’s skills and described him as a “natural talent.” However, Joshua believes that Ronaldo’s physicality and work ethic would ultimately give him the upper hand in a boxing bout.

Joshua’s comments come amidst the ongoing debate about who is the better footballer between Ronaldo and Messi. The two players have dominated the sport for over a decade, winning numerous awards and breaking countless records.

While their rivalry on the football pitch is well-known, Joshua’s suggestion of a boxing match adds a new dimension to their competition. Although it is unlikely that such a match will ever take place, sports fans around the world continue to debate the hypothetical outcome.

Joshua himself is no stranger to high-profile fights, having faced some of the biggest names in the boxing world. His support for Ronaldo reflects the admiration and respect he has for the Portuguese football star’s abilities.

In conclusion, Anthony Joshua has backed Cristiano Ronaldo in a hypothetical boxing match against Lionel Messi. While acknowledging Messi’s natural talent, Joshua believes that Ronaldo’s physical attributes and work ethic would give him the advantage in the ring. However, it is important to note that this discussion remains purely speculative, as a boxing match between the two football superstars is highly unlikely to happen.

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