argentina captain julian montoya draws inspiration from lionel messi and football legends ahead of rugby world cup opener against england

Argentina captain Julian Montoya has revealed that his team is drawing inspiration from footballing heroes such as Lionel Messi ahead of their Rugby World Cup opener against England. Montoya highlighted the impact that football has on the country and how it motivates the players in different sports.

Montoya acknowledged that Argentina’s footballers are an inspiration to many athletes in the country, including rugby players. He emphasized that the passion and dedication displayed by football stars like Messi can be translated into the rugby field.

The Argentine captain expressed his admiration for Messi, describing him as a “leader” and a “phenomenon.” He believes that Messi’s success and determination serve as a source of motivation for the entire nation, not just footballers.

Montoya also discussed the similarities between rugby and football, highlighting the importance of teamwork and unity in both sports. He emphasized the need for his team to work together and support each other, just like successful football teams do.

Argentina will face England in their opening match of the Rugby World Cup. Montoya acknowledged the challenge of playing against a strong opponent like England but expressed his team’s determination to give their best effort and make their country proud.

The captain also touched upon the significance of representing Argentina on a global stage. He stated that wearing the national jersey is a privilege and that the team is fully aware of the responsibility they have towards their country and fans.

Montoya concluded by expressing his gratitude for the support received from the Argentine people. He acknowledged the difficult times the country is going through and hopes that their performances in the Rugby World Cup can bring some joy and unity to the nation.

Overall, Montoya’s comments reflect the admiration and inspiration that Argentine rugby players draw from their footballing heroes. They highlight the importance of teamwork, dedication, and national pride as the team prepares to take on England in their World Cup opener.

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