arsene wenger, former arsenal boss and fifa chief, supports crackdown on time-wasting and dismisses concerns over extended stoppage time's impact on players

Former Arsenal manager and current FIFA chief, Arsene Wenger, has come forward to defend the crackdown on time-wasting in football matches. Wenger dismissed concerns that extended stoppage time could have a negative physical impact on players.

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on eliminating time-wasting tactics employed by teams during matches. This includes instances where players deliberately delay restarting the game, such as taking longer to retrieve the ball or feigning injuries.

Wenger believes that cracking down on time-wasting is essential for the sport’s integrity. He argues that it is crucial to ensure a fair and entertaining game for both players and spectators. The former Arsenal boss emphasizes that time-wasting not only disrupts the flow of the game but also diminishes the excitement for fans.

One of the concerns raised against stricter measures is the potential impact on players’ physical well-being. Critics argue that extended stoppage time could lead to increased fatigue and injuries. However, Wenger dismisses these fears, stating that the additional time added to matches is minimal and unlikely to have a significant effect on players’ physical condition.

The FIFA chief also highlights the importance of respecting referees’ decisions. He believes that referees should be given the authority to manage time-wasting effectively and ensure fair play. Wenger suggests that the introduction of technology, such as VAR (Video Assistant Referee), has helped in this regard by reducing time wasted on controversial decisions.

Wenger’s stance aligns with recent efforts by football governing bodies to address time-wasting. FIFA and UEFA have introduced stricter guidelines and implemented measures to penalize teams and players engaging in such tactics. These measures aim to create a more dynamic and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

In conclusion, Arsene Wenger supports the crackdown on time-wasting in football matches. He argues that eliminating these tactics is necessary to maintain the integrity of the sport and provide an exciting experience for players and fans alike. Wenger also dismisses concerns about extended stoppage time negatively affecting players’ physical well-being, stating that the additional time added is minimal. The FIFA chief emphasizes the importance of respecting referees’ decisions and suggests that technology, like VAR, has helped in managing time-wasting effectively.

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