ben foster discloses his weekly salary upon joining west brom - and the potential reduction if they faced premier league relegation

Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster has revealed the financial impact of West Bromwich Albion’s relegation from the top flight in 2018. In an interview with The Cycling GK podcast, Foster shared details about his wages and the subsequent reduction he experienced after the team dropped down to the Championship.

Foster, who currently plays for Watford, discussed the significant drop in income that occurs when a club is relegated from the Premier League. He explained that players often have clauses in their contracts that stipulate a reduction in wages if the team goes down a division.

The 37-year-old goalkeeper revealed that his wages were cut by a staggering 80% following West Brom’s relegation. Foster stated that he went from earning £70,000 per week in the Premier League to just £14,000 per week in the Championship. This drastic decrease in income was a harsh reality for the players who had to adapt to the financial implications of relegation.

Foster emphasized that the financial consequences of relegation can be challenging for players, especially those who have grown accustomed to earning substantial sums in the Premier League. He highlighted the importance of financial planning and making wise investments to secure a stable future.

The goalkeeper also discussed the impact on the club’s staff, revealing that many employees were made redundant as a result of the relegation. Foster expressed sympathy for those affected, acknowledging that it is a difficult situation for everyone involved.

Despite the financial setback, Foster maintained a positive outlook and praised the support of West Brom fans during his time at the club. He acknowledged the passion and commitment of the supporters and expressed gratitude for their unwavering loyalty.

Foster’s experience serves as a reminder of the financial risks associated with relegation in professional football. It highlights the need for players and clubs to prepare for the potential consequences and adapt accordingly.

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