carlos vela criticizes zlatan ibrahimovic's mls career, highlighting lack of titles compared to lionel messi

Mexican footballer Carlos Vela has criticized Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s career in Major League Soccer (MLS), claiming that the Swedish striker didn’t take the competition seriously.

Vela, who currently plays for Los Angeles FC in the MLS, expressed his views about Ibrahimovic during an interview with ESPN. He stated that while Ibrahimovic had a successful stint in the MLS, he didn’t have the same level of commitment as other players in the league.

According to Vela, Ibrahimovic saw his time in the MLS as more of a vacation than a serious challenge. The Mexican forward believes that Ibrahimovic didn’t give his all and didn’t respect the league or his opponents.

Vela’s comments come after Ibrahimovic recently returned to AC Milan in Serie A after leaving the MLS. During his time in the United States, Ibrahimovic played for LA Galaxy and made a significant impact, scoring 52 goals in 56 appearances.

Vela, who won the MLS Golden Boot award last season after scoring a record-breaking 34 goals, believes that his own commitment to the league was far greater than Ibrahimovic’s. He emphasized that he always gave his best and took the competition seriously.

The Mexican forward also expressed his disappointment with Ibrahimovic’s comments about being the best player in the history of MLS. Vela believes that such statements are disrespectful to other players who have contributed significantly to the league.

Despite Vela’s criticisms, he acknowledged Ibrahimovic’s talent and recognized that the Swedish striker had a positive impact on the MLS. However, he still stands by his belief that Ibrahimovic didn’t fully commit himself to the competition.

Vela’s comments have sparked a debate among fans and experts, with some supporting his viewpoint while others defend Ibrahimovic’s contributions to the MLS. Regardless of differing opinions, it is clear that Vela holds strong feelings about Ibrahimovic’s time in the league.

As both players continue their careers in different leagues, it remains to be seen whether their paths will cross again and if their differing opinions will lead to any on-field confrontations.

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