chelsea urges mykhailo mudryk to scale back gym workouts amid concerns of overexertion

Chelsea have reportedly instructed their player, Mykhailo Mudryk, to tone down his gym workouts and focus more on training amid concerns that the £88m signing is overdoing it in an attempt to find form. Mudryk has made just eight starts for the club since joining and has yet to score a goal.

According to reports, Chelsea are worried that Mudryk’s excessive gym sessions may be affecting his performance on the pitch. The club believes that he needs to strike a balance between strength training and on-field training in order to improve his form.

Mudryk, who arrived at Chelsea with high expectations, has struggled to make an impact so far. Despite his impressive price tag, the Ukrainian forward has failed to find the back of the net in any of his appearances for the club.

In an effort to address these concerns, Chelsea has reportedly advised Mudryk to reduce the intensity of his gym workouts and focus more on training drills that will help him improve his skills and adapt to the team’s style of play.

The club believes that Mudryk has the potential to succeed but needs to find the right balance between physical conditioning and technical development. They hope that by adjusting his training regime, he will be able to showcase his abilities on the pitch and contribute to the team’s success.

It remains to be seen how Mudryk will respond to Chelsea’s guidance and whether this change in approach will lead to an improvement in his performance. With the club investing a significant amount of money in his acquisition, there is pressure on him to deliver and justify his price tag.

Chelsea fans will be eagerly watching to see if Mudryk can find his form and start scoring goals for the team. As the season progresses, it will become clear whether the adjustments to his training routine have had the desired effect and whether he can live up to the expectations placed upon him.

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