chelsea's £26m signing malo gusto faces verbal abuse from angry lyon ultras and their vocal leader following defeat by psg

Chelsea’s new signing, Malo Gusto, has recently made headlines for his involvement with the Lyon ultras. The 26-year-old midfielder, who joined Chelsea for a fee of £26 million, is known as one of the “three little b’s” among the ultras.

Gusto’s association with the Lyon ultras has caused quite a stir, as these supporters are typically secretive and rarely confront players directly. However, after Lyon’s defeat to PSG, Gusto was confronted by the ultras’ usually secretive capo, or leader.

The incident took place outside the stadium, where the capo approached Gusto and expressed his anger towards the team’s performance. This unusual confrontation has raised questions about the ultras’ relationship with the players and the level of influence they have within the club.

Gusto, who is known for his fiery personality on the field, did not back down from the confrontation. Instead, he engaged in a heated exchange with the capo, defending himself and his teammates. The altercation was captured on video and quickly went viral, further fueling the controversy surrounding the Lyon ultras.

Despite the incident, Gusto remains focused on his new journey with Chelsea. He has expressed his excitement to join the Premier League club and is determined to make a positive impact on the team. The midfielder’s signing has been met with high expectations, and fans are eager to see him in action.

Gusto’s involvement with the Lyon ultras has shed light on the complex dynamics between players and supporters. While ultras are known for their passionate support, incidents like these highlight the potential for tensions to arise between them and the players.

As Gusto settles into his new club, it remains to be seen how this incident will affect his relationship with the Lyon ultras. However, one thing is certain – his fiery personality and determination to succeed will continue to make headlines both on and off the field.

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