chris sutton opens up about terrifying hotel attack and death threat on mail sport's it's all coming up

Former footballer Chris Sutton has revealed that he was attacked outside a hotel and had his car mounted on the pavement in a terrifying incident. Sutton, who is now a pundit, also spoke about receiving death threats and the abuse that pundits face in the industry.

The incident took place outside a hotel where Sutton was staying. He was attacked by an unknown assailant who targeted him while he was getting into his car. The attacker then proceeded to mount Sutton’s car onto the pavement before fleeing the scene.

Speaking about the incident, Sutton expressed his shock and fear. He described it as a “terrifying experience” and emphasized the need for better protection for pundits and individuals in the public eye.

Sutton also opened up about the death threats he has received throughout his career. He revealed that he has been subjected to numerous threats, both online and offline. The abuse faced by pundits like Sutton has become a growing concern within the industry, with many calling for stricter measures to tackle this issue.

The former footballer’s revelations come in the wake of recent incidents involving high-profile figures in the world of football. One such incident involved former Manchester United player Roy Keane headbutting his teammate, Gary Neville, during their playing days.

Sutton’s experience sheds light on the dangers faced by individuals in the public eye. It serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring their safety and well-being. The incident has sparked a conversation about the need for increased security measures and stricter punishments for those who engage in abusive behavior towards pundits and other public figures.

As the conversation around abuse and threats faced by pundits continues, it is hoped that necessary steps will be taken to protect these individuals and create a safer environment within the industry.

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