criticism for rugby world cup organizers as national anthems disappoint fans in france vs. new zealand opener

– Rugby World Cup organisers criticised for poor choice of choir to perform national anthems ahead of France vs New Zealand match
– Supporters express disappointment as choir allegedly butchered the anthems

Rugby World Cup organisers faced backlash after their choice of choir to perform the national anthems ahead of the highly anticipated France vs New Zealand match was heavily criticized. Supporters expressed their disappointment as the choir allegedly butchered the anthems, leading to widespread dissatisfaction.

The curtain-raiser for the match, held at the Rugby World Cup, saw a choir selected to perform the national anthems of both teams. However, their performance was met with strong disapproval from supporters who believed that the choir failed to do justice to the anthems.

The criticism came as a blow to the event organizers, who had hoped for a flawless and impactful start to the match. Many supporters took to social media to express their disappointment, with some describing the choir’s performance as “awful” and “butchered.”

This incident highlights the importance of selecting appropriate performers for such significant events, as the national anthems hold great significance for both players and supporters alike. The anthems serve as a symbol of national pride and unity, making it crucial to ensure that they are performed with the utmost respect and accuracy.

As the Rugby World Cup continues, it remains to be seen how the organizers will address this issue and ensure that future performances of national anthems are of a higher standard.

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