danny murphy urges man united to start scott mctominay against arsenal: bruno fernandes, casemiro, and christian eriksen face tough midfield battle

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay should start against Arsenal in their upcoming match, according to former Liverpool player Danny Murphy. Murphy believes that McTominay’s physicality and defensive skills make him an ideal choice for this crucial game.

Murphy also discusses the midfield battle between Manchester United and Arsenal, highlighting the importance of players like Bruno Fernandes, Casemiro, and Christian Eriksen. He emphasizes the need for creativity and control in midfield to dominate the game.

McTominay has been praised for his performances this season, with his ability to break up opposition attacks and provide defensive cover for his team. Murphy suggests that McTominay’s presence in midfield could disrupt Arsenal’s rhythm and limit their attacking options.

In addition to McTominay, Murphy highlights the importance of Fernandes in Manchester United’s midfield. Fernandes has been a key player for the team since joining from Sporting Lisbon last year, providing goals and assists while also dictating play in midfield.

Murphy also mentions Casemiro, who has been a vital figure for Real Madrid in recent years. His defensive abilities and tactical intelligence make him a crucial player in any midfield battle.

Christian Eriksen, who recently joined Inter Milan from Tottenham Hotspur, is another player Murphy believes could have an impact in the midfield battle. Eriksen’s technical skills and ability to create chances could be crucial in breaking down Arsenal’s defense.

Overall, Murphy emphasizes the importance of midfield dominance in the upcoming match between Manchester United and Arsenal. He believes that players like McTominay, Fernandes, Casemiro, and Eriksen will play key roles in determining the outcome of the game.

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