eddie hearn: conor benn's surprise florida comeback, chris eubank jr fight talks

Eddie Hearn has announced that Conor Benn will be making his comeback in Florida next week. Hearn is currently in talks with Chris Eubank Jr. for a potential fight in December.

Benn, the son of British boxing legend Nigel Benn, has been out of action since his victory over Samuel Vargas in April. Hearn revealed that Benn will be heading to Florida to continue his training and prepare for his next fight.

Hearn also mentioned that negotiations are underway for a potential fight between Benn and Eubank Jr. in December. Eubank Jr. is coming off a win against Marcus Morrison in May and is looking for his next challenge.

Both fighters have expressed interest in facing each other, and Hearn is optimistic about making the fight happen. He believes that a bout between Benn and Eubank Jr. would be an exciting matchup for boxing fans.

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