england embrace siege mentality to conquer rugby world cup, says courtney lawes

England’s rugby team is adopting a “siege mentality” as they prepare to storm the Rugby World Cup, according to player Courtney Lawes. The team’s public confidence is said to be at an all-time low, but Lawes believes this will only fuel their determination to succeed.

Lawes acknowledges that England’s recent performances have been less than stellar, with disappointing results in the Six Nations and a loss against Wales. However, he remains optimistic about their chances in the upcoming World Cup.

The team has faced criticism from both fans and pundits, but Lawes believes that this negativity can be turned into motivation. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong mental attitude and using any doubts or criticisms as fuel to prove their critics wrong.

While Lawes acknowledges that the team’s confidence may have taken a hit, he stresses that they are fully committed to turning things around. He believes that a siege mentality will help them overcome any obstacles they may face during the World Cup.

England’s head coach, Steve Borthwick, has also expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to perform well in the tournament. Despite recent setbacks, Borthwick believes that the players are determined and focused on achieving success.

Borthwick acknowledges that there is pressure on the team, but he sees it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. He believes that the team’s resilience and determination will be key factors in their success.

As the World Cup approaches, England’s rugby team is working hard to regain their form and prove their doubters wrong. With a siege mentality and a strong focus on mental toughness, Lawes and his teammates are ready to give their all on the field.

The team’s recent performances may have dampened public confidence, but Lawes remains optimistic. He believes that the team’s resilience and determination will be the driving force behind their success in the Rugby World Cup.

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