england face tough challenge as underdogs in world cup pool opener against argentina, highlighting team's decline under steve borthwick

England rugby legend Sir Clive Woodward has expressed his concerns about the current state of the England rugby team ahead of the upcoming Rugby World Cup. In an article for the Daily Mail, Woodward highlighted the absence of a “world-class” lineout caller as a major issue for the team.

Woodward specifically mentioned former England captain Steve Borthwick, who retired from international rugby in 2010, as someone who could potentially fill this role. Borthwick, who is currently working as an assistant coach for England, was known for his exceptional lineout skills during his playing days.

Woodward also pointed out that England’s lineout struggles were evident during their recent Six Nations campaign. He emphasized the importance of having a reliable lineout caller, as it allows a team to secure possession and launch effective attacking plays.

In addition to the lineout concerns, Woodward highlighted the need for England to improve their overall game management. He believes that the team lacks a clear plan and direction, which has been evident in their recent performances.

Woodward suggested that England should take inspiration from the successful New Zealand team, who have dominated world rugby in recent years. He praised the All Blacks’ ability to adapt and make smart decisions on the field, qualities that he believes England should strive to emulate.

Despite his concerns, Woodward acknowledged that there is still time for England to address these issues before the World Cup. He called on head coach Eddie Jones to take decisive action and make the necessary changes to ensure that the team is well-prepared for the tournament.

In conclusion, Sir Clive Woodward has expressed his worries about England’s lineout and game management ahead of the Rugby World Cup. He believes that finding a world-class lineout caller and improving overall game strategy are crucial for the team’s success. Woodward hopes that England can learn from the All Blacks and make the necessary adjustments before the tournament begins.

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