england rugby coach unfazed by critics as world cup opener approaches, defends mitchell and may for argentina match

England’s national team boss, Steve Borthwick, is determined to focus on the task at hand and ignore any external distractions as his team prepares for their World Cup opener against Argentina. Borthwick has come to the defense of Alex Mitchell and Jonny May, who have both been selected to face Argentina.

Borthwick, who is known for his unwavering dedication to the team, is not letting outside noise affect his preparations for the crucial match. Despite criticism and speculation surrounding his team selection, he remains focused on the task ahead.

Speaking about Mitchell’s inclusion in the starting lineup, Borthwick highlighted the young scrum-half’s abilities and expressed confidence in his performance. He defended the decision by stating that Mitchell has earned his place through hard work and consistent performances in training.

Borthwick also addressed concerns over May’s selection, emphasizing the winger’s experience and skill set. He praised May’s ability to create opportunities and contribute to the team’s attacking play. Borthwick believes that May’s inclusion will provide a valuable asset to the team’s game plan.

The national team boss acknowledged the pressure that comes with leading England into a World Cup campaign but stressed the importance of staying focused on the task at hand. He emphasized the need for unity and a collective effort from the entire squad.

Borthwick’s determination to block out external distractions and maintain a strong team spirit is evident in his approach to the upcoming match. He is confident in the abilities of his players and believes that they have what it takes to succeed on the world stage.

As England prepares to kick off their World Cup journey against Argentina, Borthwick’s unwavering focus and defense of his team selections demonstrate his commitment to leading the national team to victory. The pressure is high, but Borthwick remains steadfast in his belief in the squad’s abilities.

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