england's rugby world cup preparation takes them to the french site where ian fleming penned james bond novels

England Rugby World Cup squad members have been inspired by James Bond as they prepare for their upcoming matches. The players have been watching classic Bond movies to gain motivation and learn from the iconic spy’s qualities.

The idea was initiated by England head coach Eddie Jones, who believes that the Bond franchise embodies the values of teamwork, resilience, and determination. He wanted his team to emulate these traits on the rugby field.

The squad has been enjoying movie nights during their training camp, with films like ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘From Russia with Love’ being screened. The players have been encouraged to analyze Bond’s character and draw parallels with their own roles in the team.

Jones explained that he wanted his players to understand the importance of having a strong identity and purpose, just like Bond does. He believes that this mindset will help them perform at their best during the World Cup.

The England Rugby World Cup squad is currently training hard and preparing for the tournament, which is set to take place in Japan. They are determined to make a strong impact and bring the prestigious trophy back to their country.

Bond’s influence on the team extends beyond the movie nights. The players have also been provided with special edition 007 caps, which feature the iconic Bond logo. This serves as a constant reminder of the qualities they aim to embody on the field.

The England Rugby team has a history of using unique methods to boost morale and performance. In the past, they have sought inspiration from other sources such as the Royal Marines and the SAS. This time, it is the world-famous secret agent who is providing the motivation.

The players have embraced the Bond theme wholeheartedly and are excited about the upcoming World Cup. They believe that by channeling their inner Bond, they can overcome any challenges that come their way and achieve success in the tournament.

As the World Cup draws closer, England Rugby fans eagerly await the team’s performance. With the influence of James Bond guiding them, the squad is hoping to create a lasting legacy and etch their names in rugby history.

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