fans rejoice as pundit graeme souness returns after sky sports departure - channel 4 hailed for genius move in featuring liverpool icon for scotland vs england

Fans are delighted with the return of quality pundit Graeme Souness, who will be leaving Sky Sports this summer. They insist that Channel 4 has shown genius in calling upon the Liverpool icon for the Scotland vs England match.

Souness, a former player and manager, has become a popular figure in the world of football punditry. His insightful analysis and strong opinions have made him a favorite among fans.

The news of Souness leaving Sky Sports has been met with disappointment by many viewers. However, the announcement that he will be joining Channel 4 for the Scotland vs England match has generated excitement and anticipation.

Fans believe that Souness’ expertise and knowledge of the game will bring a new level of analysis to the broadcast. They are eager to hear his thoughts on the match and his predictions for the outcome.

Souness’ return to television has been met with praise from fans and fellow pundits alike. Many believe that his presence will add value to the coverage of the game and enhance the viewing experience for fans.

The Scotland vs England match is set to be a highly anticipated event, with both teams vying for victory. Fans are looking forward to seeing how Souness’ analysis will shape their understanding of the game and its key moments.

Overall, the return of Graeme Souness to television has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from fans. They are eager to see him in action once again and believe that his presence will elevate the coverage of the Scotland vs England match.

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