fantasy premier league gw4 tips: raheem sterling and nicolas jackson key for chelsea's success, bruno fernandes a must-have, and deadline day transfers to watch

With the fourth gameweek of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) approaching, there are some key tips to consider for your team. One important move is to bring in Raheem Sterling, who has been in excellent form for Manchester City. Another player to consider is Nicolas Jackson, who has been performing well for Newcastle United.

Chelsea’s recent success makes their players a good option for your FPL team. Their attacking prowess has been on display, so it may be wise to invest in some of their players. Additionally, it is advised not to sell Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United, as he has been a talisman for the team.

In FPL, keeping an eye on transfers ahead of the deadline day is crucial. Staying informed about potential player movements can help you make informed decisions for your team.

Raheem Sterling has been a standout performer for Manchester City, scoring goals and providing assists. He has already accumulated a significant number of points this season and is expected to continue his impressive form. Adding him to your team could prove to be a valuable move.

Nicolas Jackson has been a key player for Newcastle United, contributing with goals and assists. His performances have caught the attention of many FPL managers, and he could be a great addition to your team.

Chelsea’s recent run of success under new manager Thomas Tuchel has made their players attractive options for FPL teams. With their attacking style of play, Chelsea players have been racking up points. Investing in some of their key players, such as Mason Mount or Timo Werner, could pay off.

Bruno Fernandes has been a standout player for Manchester United. He has consistently delivered points through goals and assists, making him a must-have player for many FPL managers. Holding onto Fernandes in your team is advised.

As the transfer deadline approaches, keeping a watchful eye on potential player movements is important. Transfers can have a significant impact on player value and performance, so staying informed can help you make strategic decisions for your team.

In summary, for the fourth gameweek of the FPL, consider adding Raheem Sterling and Nicolas Jackson to your team. Chelsea’s recent success makes their players attractive options, and it is advised not to sell Bruno Fernandes. Keeping track of transfers ahead of the deadline day is crucial for making informed decisions.

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