flintoff secretly watched ashes series after car crash, claims piers morgan

Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, the former England cricketer, has revealed that he secretly returned to work after a horrific car crash by watching the Ashes series incognito in the offices of the England managing director, Rob Key. This surprising revelation was made by Piers Morgan during an interview with Key on his show.

Flintoff, who is known for his larger-than-life personality and incredible cricketing skills, was involved in a serious car accident in 2009. The incident left him with a broken rib and a punctured lung, forcing him to take a break from his cricketing career.

During his recovery, Flintoff found solace in watching the Ashes series, which was being played between England and Australia at the time. However, instead of watching the matches from the comfort of his own home, he decided to go incognito and watch them from the offices of the England managing director.

According to Key, Flintoff would sneak into the offices and watch the matches on a big screen, surrounded by the staff who were unaware of his presence. Key himself was shocked when he found out about Flintoff’s secret visits, but he admired his dedication to the game.

Flintoff’s love for cricket and his desire to be a part of the action even during his recovery period is truly remarkable. It shows his passion and commitment to the sport that made him a household name.

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