former jockey chynna marston resigns from tv role and initiates legal action following animal neglect conviction for racehorse treatment

Jockey Chynna Marston has recently resigned from her television job and is now pursuing legal action after being found guilty of animal neglect. Marston, who had been working as a presenter on a racing channel, faced charges related to the mistreatment of her horses.

The 31-year-old jockey was convicted at Warrington Magistrates’ Court for causing unnecessary suffering to three horses in her care. The court heard that Marston failed to provide adequate food, water, and veterinary treatment for the animals.

Marston’s neglect was discovered when a concerned member of the public reported the condition of her horses to the RSPCA. Inspectors visited her property and found the animals in poor health. They were emaciated and suffering from various medical issues.

Following the investigation, Marston was banned from keeping horses for five years and ordered to pay fines and costs totaling £2,500. In addition, she was given a 12-week suspended prison sentence.

In response to the guilty verdict, Marston decided to step down from her role as a presenter on a racing channel. She released a statement expressing remorse for her actions and acknowledging the severity of her neglect towards the horses.

Marston’s legal team has since initiated legal proceedings against the racing channel, claiming that they were aware of her mistreatment of the horses but failed to take appropriate action. The jockey alleges that the channel continued to employ her despite being aware of her criminal activities.

The racing channel has not yet responded to these allegations. However, Marston’s resignation has left a void in their presenting team, and they will need to find a replacement for her role.

Animal welfare organizations have praised the RSPCA for their swift action in investigating and prosecuting Marston. They hope that this case will serve as a reminder that animal neglect and cruelty will not be tolerated.

Marston’s conviction and subsequent legal action against the racing channel highlight the importance of responsible animal care and the consequences that can arise from neglecting these responsibilities. It is crucial for individuals in positions of influence and authority to uphold high standards of animal welfare.

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