gareth southgate blames man united fans for harry maguire's scapegoating, says simon jordan

Gareth Southgate has expressed his support for Harry Maguire amid his recent struggles at Manchester United. The England manager believes that Maguire will bounce back from his difficult spell and regain his form.

Maguire has faced criticism for his performances this season, with some questioning his ability to handle the pressure of playing for a top club like Manchester United. However, Southgate has come out in defense of the defender, highlighting his strong character and resilience.

Speaking in a press conference, Southgate said, “Harry is a fantastic player and a great leader. He has shown time and time again that he can handle adversity and come out stronger. I have no doubt that he will overcome this difficult period and continue to perform at the highest level.”

Southgate’s comments come after former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan suggested that Maguire’s struggles were due to a lack of leadership at Manchester United. Jordan argued that Maguire needs a strong figure to guide him and help him through this tough phase.

While Southgate did not directly address Jordan’s comments, he emphasized the importance of having a supportive environment for players to thrive. He stated, “It’s crucial for players to have a strong support system around them. We, as managers and coaches, have a responsibility to create that environment and help our players reach their full potential.”

Maguire’s performances have been under scrutiny since his high-profile arrest in Greece last year. The incident seemed to have affected his form, leading to inconsistent displays on the pitch. However, Southgate remains confident in Maguire’s abilities and believes that he will overcome these challenges.

As the England manager, Southgate has a vested interest in Maguire’s success. The defender has been a key figure for the national team, playing a crucial role in their run to the UEFA Nations League finals last year. Southgate will be hoping that Maguire can regain his form ahead of the upcoming European Championships.

In conclusion, Gareth Southgate has voiced his support for Harry Maguire amidst his struggles at Manchester United. The England manager believes that Maguire has the character and resilience to overcome this difficult period and return to his best form.

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