gareth southgate stands firm: raheem sterling excluded from england squad despite jack grealish's injury withdrawal

Raheem Sterling has been left out of the England squad despite Jack Grealish’s injury withdrawal. Gareth Southgate, the England manager, admitted that the decision was made and that the Chelsea star was not happy about being excluded.

Sterling, who plays for Manchester City, was not included in the squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against San Marino, Albania, and Poland. This comes as a surprise to many, considering his previous contributions to the national team.

The decision to leave out Sterling was made after Grealish, who plays for Aston Villa, withdrew from the squad due to injury. Southgate explained that he had already planned to include Grealish in the team, but when he got injured, he decided to bring in Jesse Lingard instead.

Southgate acknowledged that Sterling was disappointed with the decision, but he emphasized the importance of having a balanced squad. He explained that Lingard’s recent performances for West Ham United earned him a place in the team.

The England manager also mentioned that Sterling’s form has been inconsistent this season, which played a role in the decision. However, he made it clear that Sterling is still an important player for the national team and that he will have opportunities in the future.

Sterling has represented England in major tournaments, including the 2018 World Cup and the UEFA Nations League. He has been a key player for Manchester City, contributing to their success in domestic competitions.

Despite not being called up this time, Sterling will likely continue to be a part of Southgate’s plans for the European Championships this summer. The England squad will face tough competition, and having a player of Sterling’s caliber could prove crucial.

Southgate’s decision to leave out Sterling shows the depth and competition within the England squad. With talented players vying for a spot, the manager has the difficult task of selecting the best team for each match.

Overall, while Sterling may be disappointed with being excluded from the England squad, Southgate’s decision was based on various factors. The manager believes that Lingard’s recent performances and Sterling’s inconsistent form influenced the selection process. However, Sterling remains an important player for the national team and will likely have opportunities in future fixtures.

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