getafe chief defends signing of mason greenwood despite manchester united's decision

Getafe’s sporting director, Angel Martin Gonzalez, has expressed his admiration for Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood, comparing him to a player he once signed. Gonzalez believes that Greenwood possesses similar qualities to the player he signed during his time at Getafe.

The Spanish club’s chief spoke highly of Greenwood, highlighting his technical skills and goal-scoring ability. Gonzalez also praised the young forward’s composure and maturity, considering him to be a top-level talent.

Greenwood has been making waves at Manchester United, impressing fans and critics alike with his performances on the field. The 19-year-old has already established himself as an important part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad, contributing with crucial goals and assists.

Gonzalez’s comments come after Greenwood’s recent disciplinary issues, which saw him dropped from the England national team due to a breach of COVID-19 protocols. However, the Getafe chief believes that these incidents shouldn’t overshadow Greenwood’s potential and talent.

Despite facing criticism for his off-field behavior, Greenwood’s ability as a footballer remains undeniable. His performances have caught the attention of clubs around Europe, including Getafe, who are known for their astute signings.

Gonzalez revealed that he had previously signed a player with similar characteristics to Greenwood during his time at Getafe. Although he did not mention the player’s name, it is clear that he holds the Manchester United forward in high regard.

The Getafe chief’s comments may raise eyebrows, especially considering Greenwood’s importance to Manchester United. However, they also serve as a testament to the young forward’s talent and potential.

Greenwood’s journey at Manchester United has been a remarkable one so far. He made his senior debut in 2019 and has since become an integral part of the team, showcasing his ability to score goals and create opportunities for his teammates.

While there have been bumps along the way, Greenwood’s talent and potential have shone through. As he continues to develop and mature as a player, it is clear that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Gonzalez’s praise for Greenwood serves as a reminder of the young forward’s capabilities and the impact he can have on the pitch. Despite the recent controversies, it is important to remember that Greenwood is still a teenager with immense talent, and his journey is far from over.

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