henderson to start for england vs ukraine despite lgbtq+ protests over al-ettifaq move

Jordan Henderson is expected to start for England in their upcoming match against Ukraine, despite potential protests from LGBTQ supporters. The midfielder has faced controversy following his move to Al-Ettifaq.

Henderson’s inclusion in the starting lineup comes as no surprise, given his importance to the England team. However, his recent transfer to Al-Ettifaq has sparked criticism from LGBTQ supporters, who are expected to voice their concerns during the match.

Despite the expected protests, England manager Gareth Southgate has shown his support for Henderson and his decision to join Al-Ettifaq. Southgate believes that Henderson’s move will provide him with valuable experience and help him grow as a player.

Henderson’s controversial move to Al-Ettifaq has raised questions about the club’s stance on LGBTQ rights. Some supporters argue that by joining the club, Henderson is indirectly supporting a club that may not align with his own values.

However, it is important to note that Henderson has not made any public statements regarding LGBTQ rights or his reasons for joining Al-Ettifaq. It is unclear whether his decision was influenced by the club’s stance on these issues.

As the match approaches, it remains to be seen how the protests will impact Henderson and the England team. The midfielder will have to remain focused on the game and not let the off-field distractions affect his performance.

In conclusion, Jordan Henderson is set to start for England against Ukraine, despite expected protests from LGBTQ supporters. His controversial move to Al-Ettifaq has raised questions about his stance on LGBTQ rights, but he has not made any public statements on the matter. The match will be a test for Henderson and the England team, as they aim to maintain their focus amidst the off-field distractions.

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