jenni hermoso, world cup kiss-gate star, seeks refuge with family amidst controversy as luis rubiales presents new evidence to fifa

Spanish football star Jenni Hermoso has gone into hiding with her family as she prepares to leave the national team and flee to Mexico. This comes after new footage emerged of Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales laughing at a video of Hermoso being kissed during the World Cup.

The incident, which has been dubbed “kiss-gate,” left Hermoso feeling overwhelmed and prompted her decision to step away from the team. The video shows Rubiales watching the moment when Hermoso was kissed on the cheek by a male fan during a training session. While some may see it as an innocent gesture, Hermoso felt violated and betrayed by the lack of respect shown towards her.

Hermoso’s decision to go into hiding is seen as a way to protect herself and her family from any potential backlash or harassment. She plans to move to Mexico, where she will continue her football career and find solace away from the public eye.

The incident has sparked outrage among fans and players alike, with many expressing their support for Hermoso and condemning Rubiales’ behavior. The Spanish Football Federation has yet to comment on the situation.

Hermoso, who plays as a forward for Barcelona and the Spanish national team, is considered one of the best female footballers in the world. She has achieved numerous accolades throughout her career and is known for her skill and goal-scoring ability.

It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Hermoso’s future in the Spanish national team and her relationship with the Spanish Football Federation. However, it is clear that the fallout from “kiss-gate” has had a significant emotional toll on Hermoso, leading her to make the difficult decision to leave the team and seek refuge in Mexico.

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