joakim maehle criticizes atalanta coach gian piero gasperini, alleges lack of freedom at serie a club and discloses driving ban with £72m man united talent rasmus hojlund

Former Atalanta player Joakim Maehle has criticized head coach Gian Piero Gasperini, claiming there is no freedom in Serie A. Maehle revealed that Gasperini banned him from driving his £72m teammate Rasmus Hojbjerg. The Danish full-back expressed his frustration with the strict rules imposed by the coach, stating that it affected his personal life.

Maehle, who recently joined Atalanta from Genk, spoke out about the restrictions placed on him by Gasperini. The 24-year-old disclosed that he was not allowed to drive his fellow Danish teammate Hojbjerg to training sessions or matches. This ban came as a surprise to Maehle, who believed it hindered his relationship with Hojbjerg.

The former Genk defender explained that Gasperini’s decision was based on concerns about potential accidents and injuries. However, Maehle expressed his disagreement with the coach’s approach, emphasizing that it impacted his personal life. He felt restricted and claimed there was no freedom in Serie A.

Despite the restrictions, Maehle praised Gasperini’s coaching abilities and acknowledged the success Atalanta has achieved under his guidance. The Italian club has been performing well in Serie A and the Champions League, reaching the quarter-finals last season.

Maehle’s comments shed light on the strict rules and regulations that players sometimes face under certain coaches. While Gasperini’s decision may be seen as an attempt to prioritize the safety of his players, it also highlights the impact such restrictions can have on their personal lives.

The Danish international’s revelation has sparked a debate among fans and pundits, with some supporting Gasperini’s decision and others sympathizing with Maehle’s frustration. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether any changes will be made regarding the driving ban.

Maehle’s criticism of Gasperini’s coaching methods raises questions about the balance between player safety and personal freedom within professional football. As the sport continues to evolve, it is essential for coaches and players to find a middle ground that allows for both optimal performance and individual autonomy.

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