leah williamson, england captain, attributes "conditioned behavior" to jenni hermoso's reaction to world cup final kiss with spanish fa president luis rubiales

England captain Leah Williamson has expressed her disappointment over a video showing Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales laughing at a World Cup final kiss between Jenni Hermoso and her partner. Williamson believes Rubiales’ behavior is a result of conditioned attitudes towards women’s football.

The incident occurred during the Women’s World Cup final between the United States and the Netherlands in Lyon, France. After the match, Hermoso, who plays for Spain, shared a celebratory kiss with her partner. The moment was captured on camera and shared widely on social media.

In the video, Rubiales can be seen watching the kiss and laughing along with others around him. This reaction has drawn criticism from Williamson, who believes it perpetuates the idea that women’s football is not to be taken seriously.

Williamson argues that such behavior reflects a wider issue of conditioned attitudes towards women’s football. She believes that these attitudes need to change in order for the sport to be given the respect it deserves.

The England captain also points out that incidents like this can have a negative impact on young girls who aspire to play professional football. When influential figures in the sport display such dismissive behavior, it sends a message that women’s football is not valued or respected.

Williamson’s comments come at a time when women’s football is gaining increasing recognition and support. The recent Women’s World Cup saw record-breaking viewership numbers and sparked important conversations about gender equality in sport.

As the captain of the England women’s national team, Williamson has been a vocal advocate for women’s football. She believes that incidents like this highlight the need for continued efforts to challenge and change societal attitudes towards the sport.

It is important to note that Rubiales has not publicly responded to the criticism. However, his behavior in the video has raised questions about the level of respect and support that women’s football receives from those in positions of power within the sport.

Overall, Williamson’s comments shed light on the ongoing challenges faced by women’s football and the need for a shift in attitudes to ensure that the sport is treated with the same respect and recognition as men’s football.

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