madison keys curses on live tv after us open win, blames inability to hear coach

American tennis player Madison Keys caused a stir during her quarter-final victory at the Australian Open when she was caught swearing on live television. Keys admitted that she could hear what was being said in the stands and revealed that she was being asked by her fiancé if she needed any coaching.

The incident occurred during Keys’ match against Elina Svitolina. As she prepared to serve, the microphones picked up her saying “f***” after missing a shot. The expletive was broadcasted live to millions of viewers around the world.

In a post-match interview, Keys addressed the incident and explained that she could hear her fiancé’s voice in the crowd asking if she needed any coaching. She admitted that it was frustrating because she was trying to focus on her game.

Keys also acknowledged that she should have controlled her language better, especially since she knew she was being broadcasted live. However, she emphasized that the incident was a result of the heat of the moment and her intense competitive spirit.

Despite the distraction, Keys managed to maintain her composure and went on to win the match in straight sets. She secured her place in the semi-finals of the Australian Open for the first time in her career.

The 26-year-old American has had an impressive run in the tournament so far, defeating several top-ranked opponents. Her victory over Svitolina marked her fourth consecutive straight-sets win in the competition.

Keys will now face off against Karolina Muchova in the semi-finals. The Czech player has also been in excellent form, having defeated world number one Ashleigh Barty in the previous round.

As Keys prepares for her upcoming match, she will likely be more conscious of her language and the potential distractions from the stands. The incident serves as a reminder of the pressures and challenges faced by athletes competing at the highest level.

Keys will be hoping to continue her winning streak and advance to the final of the Australian Open. With her powerful groundstrokes and aggressive playing style, she poses a formidable challenge to any opponent.

Regardless of the outcome, Keys’ quarter-final victory will be remembered not only for her impressive performance but also for the candid moment caught on live television. It serves as a reminder that even elite athletes can sometimes let their emotions get the better of them in the heat of competition.

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