man united's antony accused of lying by alleged victim ingrid lana, who disputes his claims of an 'intimate and consensual meeting' and accuses him of fabricating whatsapp messages

Manchester United player Antony has been accused of lying by alleged victim Ingrid Lana, who claims their meeting was consensual. Lana accuses the desperate winger of fabricating WhatsApp messages to support his version of events.

In a recent development, Antony’s credibility has been called into question as Lana disputes his account of their encounter. According to Lana, the meeting between the two was intimate and consensual, contradicting Antony’s claims.

Lana further accuses the Manchester United player of creating false WhatsApp messages to bolster his side of the story. These alleged messages are being used by Antony to support his assertion that the encounter was not consensual.

The accusations against Antony have raised doubts about his honesty and integrity. Lana’s claims suggest that the player may be attempting to manipulate the situation to his advantage.

It is important to note that these allegations are still under investigation, and no official conclusions have been reached. Both Antony and Lana will have the opportunity to present their evidence and arguments before any judgment is made.

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