manchester united manager erik ten hag confident in £72m signing rasmus hojlund's ability to handle pressure in debut

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has expressed confidence in the mental strength of his £72 million signing Rasmus Højbjerg, ahead of the player’s debut. Ten Hag believes that Højbjerg has the ability to deal with the pressure that comes with playing for a top club like Manchester United.

Højbjerg, who joined Manchester United from Southampton, is set to make his first appearance for the club in an upcoming match. Ten Hag spoke highly of the Danish midfielder, praising his mental fortitude and ability to handle the expectations that come with playing at a high level.

The manager emphasized the importance of mental strength in dealing with the pressures of playing for a club like Manchester United. He believes that Højbjerg possesses the necessary qualities to thrive in such an environment, highlighting his experience in the Premier League as a key factor.

Ten Hag also noted that Højbjerg’s versatility as a player will be an asset to the team. The midfielder is capable of playing in multiple positions, which provides flexibility and options for the manager when it comes to team selection.

The manager’s confidence in Højbjerg’s mental strength is likely based on the player’s past performances. Højbjerg has consistently delivered strong performances for Southampton, showcasing his ability to handle pressure and perform under demanding circumstances.

Ten Hag’s belief in Højbjerg’s mental fortitude is shared by the player himself. Højbjerg has previously spoken about his determination to succeed at Manchester United and his willingness to embrace the challenges that come with playing for a top club.

As Manchester United prepares for their upcoming matches, the manager’s faith in Højbjerg’s mental strength will be crucial. The midfielder’s ability to handle pressure and perform at a high level will play a significant role in the team’s success.

Overall, Ten Hag’s endorsement of Højbjerg’s mental strength highlights the manager’s confidence in the player’s ability to handle the pressure and expectations that come with playing for Manchester United. With his versatility and experience, Højbjerg is poised to make a positive impact on the team as he prepares for his debut.

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