manchester united supporters trust issue warning to glazer family: selling english giants or face 'chaos and disruption'

The Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) has issued a warning to the Glazer family, urging them to sell the English giants or face chaos and disruption. The trust, which represents the interests of United fans, believes that the Glazers’ ownership of the club has been detrimental and is calling for change.

MUST has been a vocal critic of the Glazer family since their takeover of Manchester United in 2005. The American owners have faced widespread backlash from fans due to their leveraged buyout, which left the club heavily in debt. Supporters argue that this debt has hindered the club’s ability to invest in players and compete at the highest level.

The trust’s warning comes as rumors circulate about potential interest from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in acquiring the club. While the Glazers have repeatedly stated that they have no intention of selling, MUST believes that the time for change is now.

The trust argues that the Glazers’ ownership has led to a decline in on-pitch success and a lack of investment in the squad. They point to the fact that Manchester United has not won the Premier League title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, and that the club has fallen behind rivals Manchester City and Liverpool in recent years.

MUST also highlights the lack of communication between the Glazers and the fans. They claim that the owners have failed to engage with supporters and have ignored their concerns. This has led to a growing sense of frustration and discontent among United fans.

The trust warns that if the Glazers refuse to sell, they will face increasing levels of disruption and protest. They point to the recent European Super League debacle, where United were one of the clubs involved in the controversial breakaway competition. The backlash from fans was swift and severe, with protests taking place outside Old Trafford and the club’s training ground.

MUST is calling for a fan-led ownership model, similar to what has been seen at clubs like FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich. They believe that this would give supporters a greater say in the running of the club and ensure that their interests are protected.

The Glazers have yet to respond to MUST’s warning, but it is clear that tensions between the owners and the fans are reaching boiling point. The coming months could see further protests and disruption as United supporters continue to voice their discontent with the current ownership. Only time will tell if the Glazers will heed the warning and consider selling the club.

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