micah richards spotted in public for the first time since video of him confronting man after roy keane 'headbutt' incident surfaces

Former Manchester City and England footballer Micah Richards has opened up about an incident involving him and former Manchester United captain Roy Keane. In a recent interview, Richards revealed that he was headbutted by Keane during a heated exchange on the pitch.

The incident took place during a Manchester derby match in 2006 when Richards was just 18 years old. He recalled how Keane approached him after the final whistle and headbutted him, leaving him shocked and confused. Richards admitted that he didn’t know how to react in that moment.

Richards described Keane as an intimidating figure and admitted that he was scared of him. He added that he had always admired Keane as a player but this incident changed his perception of him. Despite the altercation, Richards holds no grudges against Keane and believes that it was just a heat-of-the-moment incident.

The former defender also revealed that he received support from his teammates and manager at the time, Stuart Pearce, who stood up for him. Richards expressed gratitude towards Pearce for his support during that difficult period.

Reflecting on the incident, Richards acknowledged that such incidents happen in football and that players sometimes lose their cool in the heat of the moment. He emphasized the importance of learning from such experiences and moving forward.

Since retiring from professional football, Richards has transitioned into a successful career as a pundit and television personality. He is known for his charismatic and insightful analysis on various football shows.

Richards’ revelation about the headbutt incident with Keane adds another chapter to the long-standing rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United. The two clubs have a history of intense clashes both on and off the pitch, and this incident serves as a reminder of the heated nature of these encounters.

Overall, Micah Richards’ account of the headbutt incident involving Roy Keane provides a glimpse into the intense world of professional football and highlights the emotions that can sometimes boil over during high-pressure matches.

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