neil lennon, former celtic manager, accused of interrupting sentence with flatulence on live panel show discussing old firm derby

Former Celtic manager Neil Lennon has revealed that he once farted in the direction of Rangers fans during a match. The incident took place in 2004 when Lennon was playing for Celtic in an Old Firm derby against Rangers.

Lennon, who is now the manager of Hibernian, made the revelation during an interview with Open Goal. He explained that he was frustrated by the behavior of some Rangers fans, who were shouting abuse at him throughout the match.

In response, Lennon decided to “vent his frustration” by farting in their direction. He admitted that it was a “childish” and “immature” thing to do, but said that it made him feel better at the time.

The incident occurred during a heated game at Ibrox Stadium, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Lennon’s actions were not noticed by the referee or the officials, so he escaped any punishment for his unconventional retaliation.

Lennon’s revelation has sparked mixed reactions from football fans. Some have criticized his behavior, calling it unprofessional and disrespectful. Others have defended him, arguing that it was just a harmless way of expressing his frustration.

This is not the first time Lennon has been involved in controversy during his career. As a player, he was often the target of abuse from rival fans, particularly those of Rangers. He also faced death threats and physical assaults due to his Catholic background and his association with Celtic.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Lennon has had a successful career in football. He played for teams such as Leicester City and Celtic, winning numerous trophies along the way. As a manager, he has also achieved success, leading Celtic to several league titles and cup victories.

Lennon’s revelation about farting in the direction of Rangers fans adds another chapter to the fierce rivalry between the two Glasgow clubs. The Old Firm derby is one of the most intense and passionate fixtures in world football, and incidents like this only serve to fuel the animosity between the two sets of fans.

It remains to be seen how Lennon’s revelation will be received by the footballing community. Some may see it as a humorous anecdote, while others may view it as further evidence of the toxicity that can sometimes surround the Old Firm rivalry.

Regardless of the reaction, Neil Lennon’s farting incident is sure to be remembered as one of the more unusual moments in the history of the Glasgow derby.

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